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Clients we Serve

Getting to the heart of the matter, discovering and acting upon what’s ‘the difference that’s going to make the difference', you move forward with insight and choice.  Moving you out of the 'fog' to effective action.  From 'doubt' to 'do'.

Whether you're wondering how coaching might help you personally or you're looking for effective development for your aspiring or current leaders, discover the gains coaching brings.

Typical Focus Areas

  • Emerging leaders

  • Leadership style and behaviours

  • Transitioning into more senior roles

  • First 90 days and beyond

  • Change and transition

  • Confidence and resilience

  • Working relationships

  • Personal / team growth and performance

  • Leader as coach

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We work with individuals, groups and teams at all levels across a variety of sectors, those sponsored by their organisations and also privately funded.

Whatever area you would welcome some focused thinking on, either personally or within your leadership population, please get in touch.

High Potential Successor

You're on an accelerated career trajectory, soon to be stepping into your first executive or senior leadership role. You may be wondering:

  • Will I be 'good enough'?  

  • How do I deal with my lack of experience or knowledge gaps?

  • What do I stand for as a leader?

  • How can I have the same confidence in myself as others do?

  • How do I become 'more strategic'?

  • How will I spin all the plates, deliver and still have a life outside of work?

  • I want people's perceptions of me to shift, how can I achieve that?

  • How will my peers react if I become their boss?

  • How will I need to allocate my time and attention differently?

  • Is this what I really want?

  • How do I set myself up for success?

Transitioning into a New Position

You've recently been appointed into a senior role, perhaps in a new organisation. You may be pondering:

  • There's so much to tackle, where do I start?

  • How do I make a positive impact, fast?

  • This isn't what I thought it would be, how do I navigate it?

  • How do I bring about change and keep people on board?

  • How do I build a stronger team?

  • How do I handle the tough conversations?

  • What do I do when I want to go faster but my team aren't ready?

  • How do I get out of the weeds?

  • How's business really done around here?

  • Am I focusing in the right places?

  • What legacy do I want to create?

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