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Co-workers in the office smiling


Jane Simpson, Service Delivery Director, Royal Mail

"Jo is an amazing coach.  She's coached me personally on a one-to-one basis and also delivered very successful team coaching sessions with my new senior leadership team..."

Ray Mulvey, Head of HR, Parcelforce Worldwide

"You can have all the credentials to have what it takes, what Jo has goes well beyond that..."

Arianna P, Executive Coach

"Our sessions have been a great place to generate insights and gain new perspectives; the coaching has been particularly helpful for building professional confidence..."

Head of Media

"The benefits are numerous. I felt very supported but also appropriately and thoughtfully challenged where I needed to be..."

Data Protection Director

"It's been a revelation! I'm a better version of myself both in and outside of work..."

Operations Director

"The coaching was invaluable to both my personal development and to my performance in each of my leadership roles..."

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