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team coaching

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and freedom".
Viktor Frankl

We create a productive environment, a space for teams to pause, think and move forward.  For team members to connect at a human level, build psychological safety and grow team performance.  In doing so we establish a productive and valuable partnership, doing the real work to achieve positive results.

creating Breathing space

  • We believe quality conversations are the bedrock for nurturing productive relationships – with yourself, others and the team.

  • We build supportive environments to get to the heart of the matter, to safely surface hidden conflict and give voice to ‘silent conversations’.  Creating space for impactful dialogue and ‘human moments’.

  • We operate from a place of kindness, curiosity, courage and connection, inviting the ‘adult state’ into action.  Balancing appropriate challenge with warmth and compassion – plus some light-hearted humour along the way. 

  • We acknowledge we can only meet our clients as far as we’ve met ourselves.  We are committed to our own development through coaching, supervision, communities of practice and professional bodies.

  • We integrate theory with practical application, reflection with the ‘so what’.

  • We partner with you to create a positive shift.

how we partner with you

Our team coaching solutions can be a one-day experience or more typically across a longer period of time.  They can be complemented with individual coaching as well as team psychometrics.  Whilst there are frames that inform our thinking, the approach is always tailored and co-created to your unique needs.  Starting with the end in mind is important, as is embracing what shows up along the way.

We work with you both 'in' the team and 'on' the team (dancefloor and balcony), strengthening team relations and heightening awareness of the team's systems and dynamics.  Balancing the pull to 'get stuff done' with moments to slow down to speed up and space to breathe.  Building safety, sharing vulnerability, establishing purpose to boost the team's agency to create a positive impact and enhance performance.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you describe the team’s current overall performance?  What would get you closer to a 10?

  • What are you not talking about that needs/would be helpful to talk about?

  • What three words would a stakeholder/colleague use to describe the team?

  • If ‘the future’ could speak to the team right now, what would it say?


These are just a few examples that inform our team diagnostics.  Whether you are a newly formed team or have been working together for years, please get in touch and discover how we can partner with you to advance your team's performance.

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