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working Together

These are some of the principles we hold dear when working in partnership with you.  Our time together is productive, doing the real work to achieve results.  Sometimes that's pure coaching, sometimes it might incorporate mentoring.  Nothing beats a conversation to get to know us better and to chat through how we can best serve your needs.

A human approach

A leadership role can at times be a lonely place.  Sometimes the world forgets there's a human being behind a job title.  The work we do together will consider your whole self, giving a voice to all the things which make you uniquely you.

A place where you can truly be yourself - warts and all

Where you can freely express your thoughts and vulnerabilities - without judgement or hidden agenda - so your attention and energy can be truly focused on what matters most and achieving your desired outcomes.

Your personal cheerleader and critical friend

Expect high empathy and affirmation accompanied by appropriate challenge and some light-hearted humour along the way.  Always with your best interests at heart.

Data Protection Director

Jo challenged my assumptions in a professional and caring way. She helped me find the learning/value/insight I didn’t realise I was after! 

From day one I trusted her confidentiality, impartiality and experience.
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